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Newspapers will always exist. The only thing up to debate currently is what precise form we should expect it to have. That’s what’s going on. It’s not a matter of whether people will, all of a sudden, stop reading news. Let’s just get that out of the way. Let’s put that issue to bed once and for all. People will always need news. The problem is, what kind of media would they prefer to get that news from? This is the big struggle right now.

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A lot of people insist on getting news exclusively from Facebook. Now, as exciting as this may be, especially in light of the rise of citizen journalists and citizen “ears on the ground,” it doesn’t take a genius to determine and see the obvious limitations of this particular form of news gathering. If you thought journalist bias was a problem, wait until you see the bias in locally sourced “organic news.” As promising as this development may be, it does have some serious bottlenecks.

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We cannot just embrace it wholeheartedly. This is why we keep coming back to newspapers. Sure, many of them are closing down. A lot of them are shadows of their past selves. In fact, many newspaper organizations found throughout the world cannot get rid of journalists fast enough. But despite all these challenges and despite all the seeming existential threats to their continued survival, newspapers will continue to persist in one form or another and at one level or another.

Starting a Real Newspaper

The bottom line is that many try to stay relevant in the age of social media, but this often creates more problems than it solves. My mission is to help out these newspapers by enabling them to get the traffic that they need to remain a distinct and independent entity from social media platforms.

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Hosting is crucial for newspaper list sites

As you probably already know, newspapers are an endangered species in the United States and elsewhere. It’s easy to see why. More and more people are switching to purely digital versions of the news. The most common version of this, of course, is a newspaper app.

Well, there’s absolutely no paper involved because the app is just a digital set of signals coming from your mobile device. Maybe your mobile device is a smartphone or a tablet, it doesn’t really matter. Most people interact with news in the form of some sort of computer. It doesn’t really matter what size it is.

That’s the reality of the modern newspaper industry. The number of print newspapers continue to decline. It’s only a matter of time until the old school black and white newsprint newspaper is more of a relic rather than a viable business model.

That’s the kind of world we live in. Not surprisingly, a lot of newspaper people are switching to purely digital newspapers.

Now, you may be thinking that this is a slam dunk. You may be thinking that this is the easiest thing to do. Well, you might want to think again.

You see, when you put up anything on the internet, a lot of things have to line up for people to quickly, safely and conveniently consume your content. Not only do you have to have a solid host that can show your

content regardless of where people are trying to access it from, the host must be able to withstand quite a bit of punishment.

You have to remember that for every request for your newspaper, this inflicts a load on your hosting company. If you have hundreds of thousands of people trying to request the same page at the same time, that can inflict a heavy toll on the computing infrastructure and resources of your hosting service.

Similarly, you have to have a very robust content management system so people from all over the world can see your content whenever they need it, wherever they are. All of these need to be attended to.

You can’t assume these. These are not afterthoughts. These play a substantial role in whether people would want to read your digital newspaper or not. This is why you need to be clear about the wide diversity of hosting services out there.

By knowing enough about hosting services, you can make the right call. This increases the likelihood that you would be making a truly informed decision.

Learn how to analyze hosting services right by studying our Bluehost review. This analysis of Bluehost really breaks down the selection factors people should pay attention to.

Not all hosts are the same. They don’t produce the same results, they’re not run by the same people, and they don’t deliver the same experience. If you are serious about making your online newspaper a runaway success, then you need to host it right. You also need to publish it the right way.

Great newspaper sports are rare and I Fight Hard talks about it

Make no mistake about it, a lot of sports pages are basically going the way of the dinosaur. They really are. They’re dying out in droves every single day.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. As more and more people switch to mobile devices like mobile phones and tablets, as well as laptops, notebooks and desktops to view news, old school newspapers lose out.

I don’t know about you, but there is something comforting about seeing newsprint in black and white, handling it with your fingers, turning the page, looking up and down to read the materials, and then folding it under your arm as you leave the train and the subway. The same applies to the bus.

Well, unfortunately, most people don’t think this way. They’d rather whip out their mobile device, consume today’s news, and move on with the rest of their day. More and more people are preferring a purely digital approach to news consumption.

Sports pages have been decimated by this transition. In fact, great newspaper sports columns are truly an endangered species. It’s only a matter of time until all newspaper sports die out.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that all sports content will die. In fact, you only need to look at Yahoo Sports and to know that this is not the case.

While traditional ways of consuming sports content are on the way out, there are new alternative digital ways to get this content. If you think about it, these new digital channels are more engaging. They’re more flexible. They’re definitely more versatile.

You can consume content wherever you are, whenever you want, and it’s absolutely free. You don’t have to pay for the newspaper. You don’t have to pay for access. If one website has some sort of pay wall or some sort of membership sign on page, you can quickly find the same information using Google.

I Fight Hard chronicles the massive sea change in how we consume newspaper content. In particular, it pays close attention to how sports involved in martial arts have evolved very quickly in such a period of time.

Do yourself a big favor, pay attention to this evolution. I Fight Hard talks about it in a very objective, yet concise way. Get all the information you need so you can make the right decision as far as where to get your reliable sports content.

As awesome as blogs may be, they do have their limitations. They’re not always updated. They don’t always provide accurate content. So understand the whole range of dynamics involved so you can make the right call as far as this type of content is concerned.

Merkem Grabs Anti-Bedbug Headlines Around the World

When was the last time you’ve heard a news story about bedbugs? Chances are it was a story that did not exactly put a smile on your face. You probably felt embarrassed for the people featured in the story. You might even have flashbacks of nasty experiences from your past.

Make no mistake about it bedbugs are not exactly popular in the world of news. They are not in the animal world either. In fact, they are running neck and neck as far as unpopularity is concerned with cockroaches when people are polled about insect popularity.

Cockroaches, as disgusting as they may be, spread diseases, but they don’t inflict pain. It’s fairly that you would hear of somebody getting bitten by a cockroach. That would be one aggressive cockroach if that’s the case.

Not so with bedbugs. Bedbugs are nasty because the suck blood and just as bad, when they suck your blood, they leave toxins in your bloodstream that itch. A lot of people have allergic reactions to these toxins or chemical agents and insect secretions so they develop nasty welts. Some people have to be taken to the hospital. It’s really a mess.

It is no surprise that all over the world, people are up in arms about bedbugs. Unfortunately, this is one of those problems that are both pervasive and at the same time invisible. Why? Well, people would say, “Okay, you have a bedbug problem. Tough luck! Life is harsh. There are just so many things going on. There are people with their heads being sawed off in certain parts of the world. There are starving children all over the place. There are all sorts of sick, disgusting diseases that are breaking out, and all you can tell me in the headlines that you show and read are bedbugs. Get real! Grow a spine and move on.”

That’s the kind of attitude that really holds back people from getting the kind of bedbug relief that they’re looking for. They want total relief. They’re not just looking to manage the problem. They’re not looking to brush all these issues under a rug and call it a day. They don’t want that. They want to dominate the issue, crush it and move on by destroying the problem.

Thankfully, Merkem produces the right news about bed bugs. This is one powerful Canadian bed bug extermination company. They live, breathe and eat bed bug extermination, and you can bet that when it comes to anything and everything related to the total and utter destruction of this insect species, Merkem is fully equipped.

Thankfully, they are grabbing a lot of headlines all over the world. Like I said, there’s really no massive demand for this type of news. However, there is a discussion regarding bed bugs, you can bet that Merkem somehow some way at some level or other will be discussed because they really bring a lot of great technology to the table.

Not only are they completely committed to solving this problem once and for all, but they have made all sorts of technological breakthroughs that would enable homeowners of all backgrounds with the non-chemical and completely moral, ethical and responsible anti-bed bug solution that will make the problem go away.

You Need to Check Classified Ads Newspapers for Vibration Machine Best Discounts

If you’re looking for the right vibration machine best discounts, you might want to roll up your sleeves. You have your work cut out for you because this type of information is not going to drop into your lap, not by a long shot. You have to hunt it down.

Unfortunately, a typical search on places like a Google and Bing is not going to give you the information that you’re looking for. You can search for this information all day every day on these websites, and you’re not going to get any nearer to the right information. You need to go to the first place at the right time.

What am I talking about? Classified ads newspapers. These are newspapers that list only classified ads. As you probably already know, you are on a blog that lists newspapers from all over the world. We’re all about newspapers. We are freaks when it comes to newspapers. We can’t love them enough. This is why we’ve created a massive data base or an online catalogue of all newspapers of all languages covering all sorts of topics from all over the world.

To make all this information deliver a practical payload, you need to go and find vibration machine best discounts from the right newspapers. You can’t just expect to get lucky and load up a newspaper that happens to have a classified ad for one vibration machine. The discount for that machine may not be all that great. It may not be a perfect fit for your particular needs. It might not address your set of circumstances, and it might not ultimately do a good job.

So, you have to cross-reference a lot of information. You have to compare prices. You have to look through the different qualities of the different machines out there and line them up with the right price. That’s how you make a responsible purchasing decision. Unfortunately, you must have the right equipment to make that happen. You have to check classified ads newspapers.

It’s easy to assume that newspapers still have a health classifieds section. This definitely used to be the case. In fact, depending on the particular paper and the town it serves, the classifieds section of the paper can be packed with all sorts of ads and there are no shortage of current and potential advertisers. These days are long over. In fact, given the rise of free classified ad sites, most people don’t really focus on classifieds from papers. Many even think they are discontinued or no longer offer such ads.

Thankfully, we list this material. There’s a category for these types of newspapers. Go ahead and check it out. Knock yourself out. There are a lot of materials there. Come up with a massive list, cross-reference that list, delete all sorts of duplicates and then you will be several steps or to the answer you’re looking for. That’s how you make a responsible purchasing decision. Everything else will fall apart, everything else will lead to a decision you may come to regret later.


Discounted Lipo Lasers and LEDs Hardly Make the News

Let’s get one thing clear. There is an obesity epidemic gripping all of Western Europe and the United States. This has been going on for quite some time now. It’s easy to see why. The culprit is actually hiding in plain sight. The reason these countries are experiencing massive obesity, which, of course, leads to certain types of cancer, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart attacks, strokes, the whole nine yards, is due to success. These societies are victims of their success.

Back in the bad, old days when countries located in Western Europe and North America were developing nations, people had to work in a farm. People had to work out in the sticks somewhere and guess what? They sweated. They put in a lot of work. They physically exercised all day every day. Very few people got fat. Those people had metabolism issues, or guess what? They work in the cities, standing in front of a screen all day every day.

Today, that population profile has been turned on its head. Most people stay indoors for at least eight hours, staring in front of a screen. They hardly stand up, they already move around and it’s no surprise that they are able to absorb more nutrients from the food they eat and store it in the form of fat. On top of this, there’s just so much food although there are less farmers.

In the United States, there are only one percent of the population is engaged in any kind of agriculture. Imagined that! One percent, which is three million people, producing enough food for 297 million people. That’s how successful agriculture is in the United States because it’s highly automated, highly mechanized and extremely efficient. Food is dirt cheap so whenever any kind of commodity is cheap, people eat up a lot of it and boy, does this take place literally when it comes to food.

This is why there is such a demand for discounted lipo lasers and LEDs. More and more people are buying lipo lasers to get rid of the flab. I’m talking about the nasty, cottage cheese-looking cellulite hanging off somebody’s butt, in the back of the thighs or in their midsection. It’s disgusting. It’s gross. It freaks people out. The whole nine yards.

People have been buying all sorts of discounted lipo lasers and LEDs so they can get rid of the problem. At least they look better, but the problem is this doesn’t go deep enough. It doesn’t change what they eat. It doesn’t change their lifestyle. They don’t go out to the gym. They don’t work out. They don’t do any of that.

This really is a hidden problem because the heavy consumption of this machinery hardy makes the news. If anything, the only news items you find about this trend involves sales figures. Of course, this is a celebration of how good it is, but it rarely touches on the really troubling questions that this trend brings to the table. It is quite concerning because people would rather change their cosmetic appearance rather than get to the heart of their problem.

The problem is not having all than nasty fat and getting rid of it. It’s the mindset, it’s the lifestyle, and it’s your choice of food. Address these issues, and you will be well on your way to a healthier and most likely longer life.


If You Publish a Newspaper, You Need Free Stock Photos from truly is a digital newspaper’s best friend. If you’ve been publishing newspapers, and you have several years under your belt, you know exactly why this is the case.

Make o mistake about it all-text or content-only newspapers don’t do well. I don’t care whether they are published in broadsheet form. Maybe they are published in tabloid format. Perhaps they are published online in purely digital format. They will fail. It’s only a matter of time. Why? There’s nothing more intimidating then just reading pure text. Let’s put it this way, when was the last time you read a book that is formatted to have huge blocks of text with no breaks? Did you look forward to reading the book? Did you even choose to read it in the first place or did it somehow some way fall into your lap? Did you read it voluntarily or was it part of some sort of program?

People talk a big game about loving reading. You’ve probably come across these people. You probably are one of them. Hey, let’s face it. In terms of public perception, we’d like to be perceived as readers. We would like to be perceived as intellectual people with a robust personal life involving data consumption.

However, in reality, most people, thanks to the Internet, have short attention spans. If you don’t believe me go to Facebook and tell me how many articles did you fully read. Chances are the honest answer is a big fat zero. That’s right. Goose egg. Zilch. Nada. What’s wrong with this picture?

Well, it’s Internet. It’s almost really impossible to read all that much material because when you go to Twitter or Facebook or Instagram, you are just bombarded with so much information. How do you make heads or tails with this information? You don’t. You scan them. You look for certain keywords, and when you find those keywords, you then read some more. That’s how it works. That’s how people navigate this massive, thick soup of information.

Newspapers are no different. If you insist on publishing only text, you are going to alienate your visitors. They may love what you have to say. They might think you are a super genius, but none of that matters because they, like most people, are intimidated by blocks of text.

You may format that text to look really good. You might even invest in some fancy fonts. However, that can only go so far. You have to invest in graphics. You need free stock photos; otherwise, this is going to financially cripple you.

This is where comes in. They really are a heaven-sent blessing because regardless of the kind of emotional message you’re trying to get across, they will have free stock photos that cover that.

Regardless of whether you run a newspaper that specializes in local culture issues, personal features or global news, you will get high-quality photos that truly capture the essence of the story thanks to

Globalgrapher should Make Headlines Due to Their Photo Quality

Globalgrapher is an online platform for photographers to find clients. You may be saying to yourself that this is just a glorified classified ads website. I can’t say I blame you because as far as its functionality is concerned, it works like a typical service information exchange.

Whether you are a graphics artist looking for clients or a doctor looking for new patients or a lawyer looking for clients, you have to go to an exchange. You basically have to create a profile. You have to describe your services.

People who are looking to contract for that range of services, go to those platforms and do some searchers. If their search comes up positive and people live in the right place, have the right range of specializations as well as portfolio items, a deal is made.

Additionally, guess what? The platform also facilitates payment. What’s not to love, right? It’s as if the platform anticipated all the likely needs of people visiting such a platform and delivered these tried and tested solutions. These are not clunky experimental features but smooth, easy to use, easy to access features that product results all day every day. Again, what’s not to love?

Well, it’s easy to dismiss the whole project of finding high-quality photographers on an exchange. Seriously. Basically, you’re liable to think that if you found one such exchange, that you have pretty much found every other service exchange. The thinking is if you’ve seen one, you probably have seen them all.

Well, this is dangerous thinking because let’s face it. Some platforms tend to attract high-quality, totally ethical, high-value service providers. Other platforms are quite notorious for attracting the worst customers as well as the worst providers. From the surface appearance, you can’t tell which is which. It’s very easy to get burned.

Globalphotographer makes all of that go away, and this is really why it’s so awesome. This is also the reason it’s been making a lot of headlines because it’s able to deliver on a very basic need.

I don’t care whether you are celebrating a birthday, a fiftieth anniversary or you are looking to get married. Maybe just got engaged, perhaps you’re ready to settle down or you got married and you want to memorialize the whole thing with amazing wedding photography. You need the right photographer, and this is why Globalgrapher has really grabbed a lot of people’s imagination because it has made finding these resource people so much easier.

You no longer feel like you’re going to have to take shots in the dark, cross your fingers, look up at the skies, get down on your knees and hope for the very best. There’s no need for that. That’s not a particularly successful strategy.

When you go to an exchange where all the information is lined up in front of you, and you can logically and rationally connect the dots, you have more than even chance of making the right call all day every day. That’s precisely the kind of experience Globalgrapher brings to the table.

The Best News about Pregnancy Outcomes Involve Post Natal Massage

Make no mistake about it pregnancy is a miraculous thing. I know that sounds almost mystical. A lot of people might even have a problem with that statement because it seems almost religious. However, if you look at all the different things that need to happen before, during and after pregnancy, you would have to stand back with your mouth open and just let your mind be blown.

There are just so many things that need to happen for a woman to get pregnant. There are all sorts of chemical barriers. Furthermore, there is the scheduling issue. Believe it or not for a human female to get pregnant, her egg has to be active within a twenty-four period, and it’s almost statistically impossible to get the sperm to the egg at the right time in the right circumstances. Moreover, even if the sperm was introduced in her body at the right time, there are guarantees that it will get to where it needs to go.

That’s why any male of any mammalian or even non-mammalian species need to be produce millions upon millions of sperm because of the statistical impossibility of fertilization. They have to go through pH factor filters. This means that the area to be fertilized may be too acidic or too basic. They also have to overcome all sorts of bacteria that produce all sorts of toxins that kill sperm. Finally, they would have to deal with temperature issues.

Do you see how this works? It’s kind of like landing a 747 commercial jet plane on a small fishing boat in the middle of a turbulent sea in the middle of a raging tropical storm. Good luck with that! I need you to wrap your mind around this because if you really want to maximize pregnancy outcomes, you have to own the whole situation and this means paying attention to what happens before, during and after.

A lot of people think that once the baby is born, their job is done. Seriously. I really can’t blame them because it can be quite a tiring experience. You might feel like you’re running a marathon. There are just so many things to take care of because, after all, there are so many things that can pop up and ruin your day. There’s a lot to worry about.

However, once you have the baby in your arms you may be thinking that everything is smooth sailing from that point onwards. Not quite. You have to look at your partner and make sure she gets the right professional post natal massage so she can get well on her way to recovery.

That’s how it works. You have to look at the big picture. Don’t just focus on the point of relief and call it a day. That’s not only irresponsible, but you might be setting the groundwork for bigger problems down the road. Sure, you may have solved problems now, but you might actually be well on your way to creating worse ones when you decide to have another child later on.

News about the Best Beach Tent Don’t Normally Make Headlines


This blog, of course, lists all sorts of newspapers from all over the world. These newspapers a wide range of subject matter. These newspapers have different editorial slants. We’re really big on diversity here. We don’t really care whether a newspaper is conservative, liberal, reactionary or extremely radical. Instead, we believe in the power of the printed word because, as the old saying goes, the pen is mightier than the sword because information is all about freedom.

Our need to consume information, engage it, confront it and otherwise make it part of our daily waking reality is what unites us as part of the human community. It doesn’t matter the color of our skin. It doesn’t matter where we come from in the world. It doesn’t matter what our backgrounds are. None of that matters because deep down inside, we’re all information processing machines. This is the core philosophy of this website.

With that said, please understand that newspapers do have limitations. I know that sounds crazy. I know that seems out of left field, but as optimistic as we try to be about newspapers, the bottom line is that they are all about making money. Make no mistake about it people are not going to deliver physical newspapers just because they have nothing else better to do. They’re not doing it out of their health. Similarly, the people who write these materials have bills to pay. They have households to take care of. They need to put on the table. You know the whole nine yards. You know what’s going on.

Unfortunately, when it comes to certain recommendations and certain issues, the self-interest is not there, and just like any profit-seeking organization or economic activity, newspapers simply are not interested. They can’t be bothered.

So, do yourself a big favor. Roll up your sleeves and take matters into your own hands. You have to take the initiative. You have to be proactive about finding the latest and greatest information regarding certain things that are important to you. Otherwise, you’re not going to get this information.

Yes, even with the Internet with all the huge explosion of blogs out there and social media, pages, communities and all sorts of self-segregated interest groups, you probably still won’t get this information. I know that’s crazy because it seems like there’s so much information out there. However, the bottom line is you are not absolved of your responsibility to do your research. You have to do individual research to find the right kind of information for the things that matter most to you.

If you are looking for the very best beach tent for your next outdoor adventure or your family outing, you have to take the initiative. You have to understand that while there is a tremendous amount of review sites out there, a lot of them suffer a strategic and, I would say, fatal conflict of interest. Whatever beach tent they end up recommending to you, chances are, do not line up to how you would define the very best product, at least as far as your particular set of circumstances and needs are concerned.

So, do yourself a big favor and look beyond the obvious. Focus on your needs and get out there and search for the very best option. That’s the only responsible way to do. Thankfully, this is pretty straightforward and not all that mysterious. You have nobody to blame if you make the wrong call except yourself. Either you got lazy, or you just went with the flow and got burned as a result.

Newspapers would Do Well to Recommend the Best Solar Panel

The funny thing about environmentalism and promoting some sort of sustainable ecology and economy throughout the world involves the power of information. You may be thinking that this is a simple matter of getting the word out. I wish it were that easy.

Unfortunately, you have to remember that newspapers have to make a profit. There are no two ways about it. Newspapers, the last time I checked, are not volunteer organizations. They definitely do not to produce paper out of thin air.

Moreover, people are not going to deliver physical newspapers just because they have nothing else better to do. People want to get paid, preferably all day every day. There’s no shame in that game. That’s just the way things are. That’s part of human nature. The human condition is all about self-interest. I get that. I believe in it. It’s okay. It’s all good.

However, the problem is this self-interest often gets in the way of the right technology. As you probably already know, if you want to save money, you need to have a solar panel. There are no two ways about it. A solar panel, regardless of how much sun your part of the United States or Western Europe gets, is always a good deal.

I know that’s quite a bit of a claim because a lot of people are saying that solar panels only make economic sense if there is some sort of tax incentive. Believe me I understand where these people are coming from. They are completely being practical, and there are a lot of logic and reasoning behind such statements, but let’s look at the big picture.

You have to understand that the world is not all about dollars and cents. Sure, it may make all the logical and rational sense in the world to buy the best solar panel only unless it makes economic sense. This is how most people approach the issue.

However, there are bigger considerations out there. I’m talking about the world’s health. I’m talking about climate change. I’m talking about all sorts of freaky weather breaking out all over the world. As you probably already know, summers are getting colder, and winters are getting hotter. It’s crazy. You know that it really all boils down to climate change, and we have to step up. We have to roll up our sleeves and collectively as humanity own the problem.

This is why you need to go beyond what you read in newspapers. You have to understand that if you rely on any kind of mainstream media to give you the information you need to make an informed decision, you will fall flat again and again. This is why it’s crucial for you to find the very best solar panel for your family and run with it. Seriously.

That’s the best you can do because if you wait for newspapers to step to their moral responsibility to the rest of humanity, you probably would have to wait for a long n time. Seriously. At least, you’re going to have to wait until it makes economic sense for them to get that information out.

As awesome as newspapers are as sources of information, you have to step up. You have to roll up your sleeves and take matters into your own hands; otherwise, you’re not going to get spoon-fed this information. It’s simply not going to happen, not in a million years.

So, do yourself a big favor. Get out there, get the right information and find the very best solar product so you can get cheap, clean, sustainable energy. At the same time, you are doing your part in helping preserve Mother Nature for the next generation. It really doesn’t get any simpler than that.