You may be thinking that the last thing the world needs is another newspaper website. After all, newspapers are going through a tough time. If you don’t believe me, just go to Google news and look up newspaper bankruptcies or newspaper closures.

There are so many going on that it really is, quite frankly, disturbing, if not downright depressing. What is it about the recent technology that has led to the wholesale slaughter of newspaper jobs?

Well, it really all boils down to ad revenues. As advertisers wake up to the reality that they would probably get more bang for their buck if they advertised online, this has led to a wholesale abandonment of newspaper classified ads.

Now, this does not apply across the board. The carnage is not uniformly distributed.

When you look at a typical newspaper, a lot of the action takes place in the classified ads section. This part of the newspaper continues to remain vibrant because advertisers in this part tend to be hyper local. They tend to advertise products and services that cater to the same geographic area of distribution as the newspaper.

The big loss or the massive bleeding comes from the general ad section. In other words, the huge ads that take up a page or half a page or a quarter of a page, this is where the losses are. And it’s really going to be a problem because local advertisers usually do not target those parts of the papers.

Historically, the big advertisers are national concerns. These are companies that sell throughout the United States or even all across the world. That’s how big their market is. And it turns out that from a tracking, as well as effectiveness and a return on investment perspective, they get a lot more value advertising online.

Whether it’s on social media platforms or on websites and blogs, the verdict is still the same. On a dollar per dollar basis, online advertising produces a high return than traditional newspaper advertising.

Far from being the final nail in the coffin, this actually is an opportunity. That’s how I choose to see it because if you are able to present online news in a massive, collaborative online framework, you can get a lot of people to visit your website regardless of where they live.

In other words, this is a great incentive for local and regional newspapers to become as unbiased as possible. This presenting of news straight from the source increases the likelihood that they would attract the right eyeballs and this can preserve their enterprises from the ravages of the current ad Armageddon that’s currently devastating previously well renowned and highly respected news organizations like The New York Times.

This website not only just lists a global collection of newspapers that publish in the English language, I also highlight the point that bias is always around the corner. I don’t want people to just get their information from one source and call it a day.

If you like being manipulated, if you like being controlled or if you like thinking thoughts that are not entirely your own, you are more than welcome to read only one newspaper. But if you are an independent person, you need to do things differently.

This is where choice comes in. The more choices you have and the more diverse your sources of news, the less likely you would be manipulated and the less likely people outside of your control would manufacture consent in your life.

My focus here is to produce a diverse range of headlines and summaries and attitudes that would help news consumers live their lives to the fullest by being fully informed.

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