This website is a work in progress. I just want to lay it out on the table.

Any time you have a website compiling sources from all over the world, you are going to be presented with several problems. Turning a blind eye to these problems and assuming that they do not exist or readers would “figure it out,” would be flat out irresponsible. It is also a one way street to delivering a substandard and low quality experience.

Make no mistake about it, I know exactly what’s going on with this website. I know and understand what I bring to the table. I’m not just bringing information. You get that from the websites that I link to. Instead, I aim to deliver an experience. Seriously.

You need to have an experience where you feel that you have a tremendous amount of control and autonomy because you can source information from a diverse range of newspapers. By looking at all these materials, you can then size them up, you can compare them to each other, and you can line them side by side. Then and only then can you filter in a very responsible and effective way.

This is the only situation where you can start seeing what the truth is, what is exaggerated, or whether somebody is presenting the truth as it exists or is bending it to fit some sort of ideology or agenda.

Make no mistake about it, we live in the social media age and it’s just too easy to twist a narrative or, worse yet, repackage it in such a harmless looking way that people start believing it. Kind of like an idea Trojan horse where there are all sorts of content being disseminated online that masquerades as news.

Sure, certain bits and pieces are newsworthy and are related to factual sources of information, but by and large, there is a tremendous ideological component that can harm people if they are unaware of it.

There is such a thing as an idea virus, and sadly, we have seen its face in the form of fake news or hoax websites spread and popularized through social media.

This website aims to push back against such a trend by offering you a diverse amount of sources. By enabling you to keep yourself from jumping to conclusions, you are then put in a position to look through diverse headlines and summaries to gain the proper attitude. This way, you can come up with conclusions that actually fit your particular aspect of reality.

You no longer have to make decisions based on somebody else’s agenda. You no longer have to consent based on a set of parameters and premises that may not necessarily be your own or are natural offshoots or products of your own lived experience. Say goodbye to all of that because you’ve gone to the right place.

This is the place to get the raw truth, but keep in mind that this truth is worked for. You have to put in the work. You have to roll up your sleeves and pay attention to the details. You have to read between the lines and put everything together in a way that makes sense to you and you alone.

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