If You Publish a Newspaper, You Need Free Stock Photos from truly is a digital newspaper’s best friend. If you’ve been publishing newspapers, and you have several years under your belt, you know exactly why this is the case.

Make o mistake about it all-text or content-only newspapers don’t do well. I don’t care whether they are published in broadsheet form. Maybe they are published in tabloid format. Perhaps they are published online in purely digital format. They will fail. It’s only a matter of time. Why? There’s nothing more intimidating then just reading pure text. Let’s put it this way, when was the last time you read a book that is formatted to have huge blocks of text with no breaks? Did you look forward to reading the book? Did you even choose to read it in the first place or did it somehow some way fall into your lap? Did you read it voluntarily or was it part of some sort of program?

People talk a big game about loving reading. You’ve probably come across these people. You probably are one of them. Hey, let’s face it. In terms of public perception, we’d like to be perceived as readers. We would like to be perceived as intellectual people with a robust personal life involving data consumption.

However, in reality, most people, thanks to the Internet, have short attention spans. If you don’t believe me go to Facebook and tell me how many articles did you fully read. Chances are the honest answer is a big fat zero. That’s right. Goose egg. Zilch. Nada. What’s wrong with this picture?

Well, it’s Internet. It’s almost really impossible to read all that much material because when you go to Twitter or Facebook or Instagram, you are just bombarded with so much information. How do you make heads or tails with this information? You don’t. You scan them. You look for certain keywords, and when you find those keywords, you then read some more. That’s how it works. That’s how people navigate this massive, thick soup of information.

Newspapers are no different. If you insist on publishing only text, you are going to alienate your visitors. They may love what you have to say. They might think you are a super genius, but none of that matters because they, like most people, are intimidated by blocks of text.

You may format that text to look really good. You might even invest in some fancy fonts. However, that can only go so far. You have to invest in graphics. You need free stock photos; otherwise, this is going to financially cripple you.

This is where comes in. They really are a heaven-sent blessing because regardless of the kind of emotional message you’re trying to get across, they will have free stock photos that cover that.

Regardless of whether you run a newspaper that specializes in local culture issues, personal features or global news, you will get high-quality photos that truly capture the essence of the story thanks to

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