Ultimate Guide to the Best Free Logo Makers and Generators

You are aware of the fact that you need a logo and you will require the services of a graphic designer. However, that is going to cost you, and you most definitely do not want to spend the majority of your starting budget on designing a logo. At this point, you need a logo maker. You could get a free online logo maker and download one. This article will introduce you to one of the best free online logo makers available on the internet.

Shopify Online Logo Maker

Shopify provides with the opportunity of creating a logo for your brand in a question of seconds. You necessarily do not need technical expertise, and you do not need to have some degree in graphic design.

Online entrepreneurs and small businesses that are new with logo design can make use of the stock imagery provided by Shopify to assist them to come up with an excellent design. The library offers lots of options, and it gets updated regularly.

The only obvious downside to the online logo maker from Shopify is that at some point you may not project your ideas the way you expected. Also, you can be at the risk of making use of someone else’s icons, thus having similar logos.

Logo Generator by Spaces

Spaces is another popular logo maker that is a competition to Shopify. You will observe that they have similar interfaces, so if you have Shopify logo maker in the past, using the logo generator by Spaces will be nothing new. If you have not created a logo with any of them, the interface is self-explanatory, so it will be very easy to find your way around it.

What is required of you is entering your entering the name of your business and including certain keywords to describe a lot more. Spaces will automatically make use of the information provided to generate different options for you to choose from. It is up to you to make a choice that suits your type of business. It is important you are aware of the fact Spaces will give the opportunity to modify certain things, like the typography.

Logo Maker by Ucraft

The logo maker by Ucraft is more like in the form of an app.  The various prompts that are displayed on your screen help you to create a logo for your brand. It is important you are aware of the fact that the logos are more of cartoon-like. However, if your customers appeal to such things, it is the best option for your business.

One of the merits of the Logo Maker by Ucraft is that right after you have created the logo, you can save it in PNG format. The high-resolution, transparent PNG file is useful anywhere. Over the years, many businesses have created their logo using this tool, then transfer it to a professional to have it redefined,

GraphicSprings Logo Creator

This logo creator is one the strongest that is on our list. The number of customization offered with this online logo creator makes it ideal for any business that wants to be in control of the contents that make up its logo. Majority of the features offered are similar to those offered by professional graphic design programs.

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