Yamaha P115 Digital Piano Review – The Perfect Piano for an Aspiring Pianist

Similar to other digital pianos that are designed for the production of a genuine acoustic experience, the Yamaha P115 does an excellent job. It is a great choice for the beginner and the experienced, and it is very versatile, as well as used in different settings. This Yamaha P115 review will give an insight on features like music library, mode, playback and recording along with others.


It is important you are aware of the fact that the Yamaha P115 offers three modes: Duo, Dual and split.

The split mode assists in dividing the piano into two sections, thus giving you the opportunity of playing a different type of instruments in each of the sections. You are capable of modifying the splitting point on the keyboard.

The dual mode assists the player in layering two sound and instrument simultaneous across the keyboard range.

The duo mode assists in separating the piano in two sections, where each half of the piano has similar pitch range. In this mode, the keyboard can be played by two different payers, and they play similar notes, but the only thing that will be different is the sound.

Transpose and tuning

Like most digital pianos available in the market, the Yamaha P115 does not require tuning. However, the pitch can be adjusted on the keyboard using the tuning and transpose functions. The Yamaha p115 transpose functions allow the user to adjust in semitone steps. For instance, If you are performing a song in G major, you can modify the pitch with which you are playing it without having to learn how to play the song in another key.

The tune of a piano can be matched by having the tune fine-tuned. These are interesting features that make playing songs on the piano very easy. Regrettably, one of the features that this piano lacks is adjusting the standards of other tuning systems like a pure minor, pure major, meantone, etc.

Recording and playback

The Yamaha P115 has a recorder features that give the payer the opportunity of recording while they are playing and having they stored in SMF format. It is important you are aware of the fact that the recorded contents can be modified, thus changing the tempo, instrument sound and even the addition of notes right after recording. Even though most pianos don’t have recording features, you can still have your contents recorded using a computer.

Music library

The Yamaha P115 comes with a music library that consists of about 50 preset songs. You can practice the songs when playing and you can choose to modify the tone, tempo and more. You have access o other songs online, and you can download them and transfer them to the piano for use as one of the preset songs. Regrettably, the memory set aside for recording song or storing the recorded contents is limited, thus allowing you to save just one external date either it is recorded or downloaded.

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